Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentine's day (obsv.) - a splendid brunch

hubs and i couldn't celebrate valentine's day on valentine's day because of crazy work schedules last week, so we decided to observe celebrate it on the following saturday, instead. we planned a romantic brunch and home-made valentine exchange and called it "Valentine's Day (obsv.)"

we have been hand making valentines for each other since we were 17, and i hope that never changes. 

we usually go out to dinner (actually, when we were 17 it was a coffee at starbucks) but this year our valentine's budget was blown on an emergency car repair (although nothing says romance like new transfer case fluid) so we decided to keep it simple. and simple really is best. i truly am grateful that things happen to remind us of that, because it makes us happy, and it feels satisfying when we keep things simple, and i hope that never changes.

so, this year, on valentine's day (obsv.) i planned a simple, but spectacular, brunch:

i'll share the menu with you today, and elaborate over the rest of the week with recipes for everything.

valentines day brunch menu
this brunch was so so so so good, and so so easy and made us happy and appreciative of one another and all the good things we have to be grateful for.
it really was simple; i put the whole thing together while hubs ran saturday morning errands. come back soon for all the recipes!

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