Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mackerel sky

when the sky looked like this my grandmother used to look up and say, "look at that mackerel sky!"

she constantly practiced taking joy in the simple, natural wonders of the world around us.

yesterday morning my husband and I had a whole skyfull of stripey clouds to keep us company on our ride to work.

i told hubs it's called a mackerel sky and how my grandmother used to love them. hubs told me they are called altocumulus clouds which i probably knew once but he remembers these kinds of things forever.


then he told me when he was little he used to call it a "bacon sky." i liked that name and I always like learning things about the 17 years of hubs' life before we met.

did you know a sky full of these clouds can also be called a buttermilk sky?

source: amar andalkar

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