Thursday, February 2, 2012

sriracha, i gotcha!


i went to the store yesterday to pick up oyster sauce, and got a bit lost in the asian foods section. and then i got EXCITED because i saw this. isn't the packaging beautiful?

how can something so simple just LOOK so delicious? check out that color! the package even says "NATURAL COLOR" on it. and the bottle is pleasantly soft so you can squeeze out every last drop.

this is the hot sauce they serve at our favorite Vietnamese Pho restaurant, Pho Saigon

mmm, tripe! really though, it's delicious.

every time we go there, i pick up the bottle of sriracha (you can see it on the top of that picture there, behind the basil) and i say to my hubs, "i LOVE this packaging." so you can see why i got EXCITED when i saw this at my local stop and shop. 

and why i put it in my cart.

and why when i got home i put it on the first thing i could find. digestive crackers. don't judge me! its hot and smokey and garlicky and peppery and sweet and tangy and salty and most importantly well balanced so it goes wonderfully with anything.

and do you know who makes it?

this guy!

source: this new york times article

David Tran is a vietnamese-born man of chinese decent and although he markets sriracha primarily to asian-american communities, it's completely his own creation and american through-and-through. 

and i think it would taste awesome on a hot dog.

and a google image search reveals i'm not the only one.


go buy some! and try it out on this recipe!

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