Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ribena and gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water

in our house, we love seltzer. we recently discovered the gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water at trader joes costs about as much as poland spring seltzer at stop and shop... and gerolsteiner is european, and the bottle is very pretty, so if you like mineral water, it's totally worth the splurge.

we also like to keep a little ribena in the house. it, too, is european (british though, not german) and has been made for over 70 years! i like to add a splash of it to water and seltzer. my husband likes to add the whole recommended two tablespoons... :)
source: http://blog.ribena.co.uk
so, for our splendid valentine's brunch, we served a little pitcher of ribena alongside a bottle of gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water for a refreshing, fruity, morning pick me up.


  • pour one glass of seltzer
  • add somehwere between a splash and two tablespoons of ribena
  • stir gently to combine
  • enjoy!

check out these ribena cupcakes!!
source: raspberricupcakes.com

this fruity drink was served with our splendid 
valentines day brunch menu
sparkling mineral water with blackcurrant ribena (you are here)

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