Thursday, March 8, 2012

baked artichoke kielbasa puttanesca

do you see this doggy? 
what i am about to share with you. 
do you know why?
it's not because what i am about to share with you is a wholesome, healthy, three ingredient meal that is super flavorful and delicious. (although it is indeed all of those things. and as a bonus, this recipe also meets my workweek lunchtovers criteria for weeknight cooking!)

why is she looking up at me with such adoring eyes then??  well, keep reading. you'll see.

baked artichoke kielbasa putanesca
active time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 45 minutes
  • 3 12 oz bags frozen trader joe's artichoke hearts
  • 1 jar trader joe's puttanesca sauce
  • 2 12 oz packages trader joe's turkey kielbasa

  • preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • pour your frozen artichokes into an 8x13 inch casserole dish

  • slice your kielbasa lengthwise and then into quarter- to half- inch- wide slices.

here's where that enamored pup comes in. she knows she never gets handouts from me... well, almost never... because i really hate to see anything go to waste and meat can't go into the compost pile and it can't go into recycling but there's this big old dog looking at me who eats $100 worth of kibble a month and here i am with these meat trimmings that are just going to go to waste anyway and boy she is awful cute and expensive to feed so it just makes sense, right? so when i'm cooking something with meat, she looks like this:

pleeeeeeeease mum can i have those rubbery little ends of the kielbasa that don't taste very good in the casserole?

[[sorry if it's unappetizing to have pictures of my pup on a food blog. but we have a very small house and honestly it's hard to even get pictures of the food without her in the background. so sometimes, miss adel will be featured. :) anyway, back to the recipe!]]

  • dump your sliced kielbasa on top of the frozen artichokes.
  • dump two-thirds of the jar of putanesca sauce on top of the artichokes and kielbasa.

let's take one moment talk about what makes trader joe's (or trader giotto's, as they call it) puttanesca sauce so special. it is only $2.99 for a jar, and which is actually a pretty good value when you consider all the luxurious and flavorful ingredients in it, like black olives, kalamata olives, capers, anchovy paste, onions, garlic, and herbs. it sits on your shelf, full of flavorful potential for whatever you pour it over. it's much more special than any other tomato sauce! 
hello, olive you!
aaaand back to the recipe!

  • now, stiiiiir it up, little darlin, stir it up. blend all the ingredients evenly throughout the casserole dish.
  • take the remaining third of the sauce left in the jar, and evenly pour it out over the top of the ingredients in the casserole dish. spread this out evenly with your spoon so bits sticking out of the pan don't get dried out during cooking.
  • now put the whole kit and caboodle into the oven at 375 F, and cook for about 45 minutes or until edges are browned and middle is bubbling.

enjoy! serve alone, over rice, or with crusty bread. this is really great the next day cold or reheated as leftovers.. or as we call them in our house, lunchtovers!

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